FootBalance Customised Orthotics

Did you know that more than 75% of the adult population suffer with foot misalignment?

It sounds minor, but foot misalignment can cause problems in other areas of the body, including back pain, muscle and joint pain, injuries and other foot-related problems - both now and in later life. Good foot alignment provides a strong natural foundation at the base of your body, so is really important, and here at Shuropody, we have a solution to help!

Our innovative in-store patented FootBalance technology analyses your foot and arch type whilst getting a more detailed understanding of your body alignment. It then collects this data to produce totally customised insoles that support and cushion your feet, providing the foundation and balance your body requires. These insoles are proven to prevent injury and help to relieve pain in other areas of your body. 

Our FREE foot scan take just 10 minutes to analyse your feet and body alignment.

After scanning your feet, your custom insoles are made in 10 minutes.

Walk away with confidence in your custom-made insoles for only £59.99!

Our expert staff will be able to provide you with more information in store.




Free Foot Scan

It’s FREE to get a digital foot scan at a Shuropody store and it takes just 10 minutes. Stepping onto our FootBalance machine, we get a detailed understanding of your foot type and total body alignment. Our fully trained staff are here to take you through every step of the process, offering advice and recommendations in a relaxed and friendly environment.

FootBalance Custom Insoles (Orthotics)

Our insoles are 100% custom made for your individual feet based on the information provided by the FootBalance assessment to ensure they provide the correct support based on the unique contours of your feet. This will then help to re-adjust your natural stance to improve your overall body posture and prevent injury. It only takes 10 minutes for these insoles to be made for you.

Whether you want your insoles for your heels, boots or sandals, that’s no problem - FootBalance custom insoles are designed to fit all types of footwear, providing you with the perfect custom fit.

We have so much confidence in our FootBalance insoles that we will provide a full refund on all FootBalance custom insoles within 30 days of purchase if you’re not completely happy.

How FootBalance Custom Orthotics can help common misalignment issues

foot on tiptoes
Plantar Fasciitis - Inflammation of the ligament running along the bottom of the foot towards the heel is called Plantar Fasciitis. It causes pain along the heel and/or arch of the foot. Our FootBalance custom orthotics reduces the strain on the bottom of your feet, helping the ligament to heel and preventing plantar fasciitis from reoccurring.
one knee in front of the other
Shin Splints - Repetitive activity and stress can cause the muscle and tissues around the shin area to become inflamed which results in pain. By helping ensure your foot is properly aligned, therefore improving overall alignment and reducing stress to the shin, our FootBalance custom orthotics help to reduce your chances of getting shin splints.
tying trainers
Runner’s Knee - Friction in the hip or knee joint caused by running or climbing stairs. There are many factors that can cause this including overpronation. Our FootBalance custom insoles can reduce this painful friction by providing your feet with the proper support they need.