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Damaged Toenails

If you have had trauma to the nail bed (such as an injury or surgery) then it can take a while for toenails to grow back fully – a damaged nail can take up to 18 months to fully regrow. Even if they’re not painful damaged nails can effect your confidence, especially in the warmer months when it’s sandal season and our feet are on display more than usual.

If the injury is quite recent and the nail bed is still exposed and healing, try to make sure that it is covered with a clean dressing or covering which is changed regularly and visit your GP at the first sign of infection. Bruising will be quite common and may take a while to grow out as the nail bed heals.

  • LOOKING GOOD: a simple solution which can really help boost your confidence is Nail Reconstruction, a painless technique which is safe for most types of nail damage and provides a comfortable and realistic replacement for all or part of the affected nail. Click here to learn more or book an appointment in selected clinics
  • BREATHING SPACE: make sure your footwear has a deep enough toe box at the front of the shoe so that it is not pressing or rubbing on the affected nail. Your local Shuropody team can offer a free footwear fitting and recommend shoes and sandals to keep you stylish and comfortable

Damaged Toenails