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Swift Verruca Treatment

Verrucae can be one of the most difficult conditions to treat effectively. As they are caused by a virus the patient response can vary enormously from person to person and what may work for one may not work for another.

Swift verruca treatment is a highly effective method, developed in the UK, which uses microwave energy to target verrucae and the affected tissue. Many patients start to see results in just a few days, although results will vary depending on the size and age of the lesions. Swift microwave therapy could get rid of your stubborn verruca in as little as 3 treatments.

The process can be carried out comfortably in a 30 minute appointment and although there may be a small amount of tenderness or discomfort afterwards there are no other troubling side effects. For many patients Swift is the perfect solution where other treatments have failed to tackle the problem.

Whist Swift is suitable for almost anyone who suffers from verrucae there are some conditions which mean you may not be suitable for treatment, so to find out more click here for information on your closest clinic and to speak with the team.



Swift Verruca Treatment