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Corns are usually a small circular area of thickened hard skin that may appear yellow or white in colour. They can occur on the heels, the ball of the foot or most often on the toes. Corns can be hard and yellow (hard corns) or soft and white (soft corns) and will usually appear in areas where there is a higher level of pressure or friction. They can sometimes be confused with a verruca as they can be similar in appearance so if you are not sure which you have then always speak to your Podiatrist before starting treatment.

Corns are not infectious and cannot to be spread to others, but they can be very painful as the build-up of hard skin can end up pressing into the ‘good’ soft skin below when walking or standing, so it’s a good idea to see your Podiatrist to get them removed as soon as you notice one forming

  • CLINIC TREATMENT: your Podiatrist can safely remove your corn and recommend padding or cushioning to help stop it coming back – learn more and book here
  • CUSHIONING: as corns are often caused by repeated pressure or friction it can help to add extra padding to the affected area, whether that be a cushioned insole to help relieve pressure to the ball of the foot, or chiropody felt that can be cut to size and attached to the foot or shoe to minimise friction on a specific area