Biomechanical Assessment

Biomechanical Assessment: Everything you need to know

As podiatry experts, we understand that our feet are mechanical marvels with a complex structure of 26 bones and 38 muscles, plus a network of ligaments and tendons, all working in harmony to keep us balanced every day.

But even the miraculous requires an occasional tune-up  – and that’s where biomechanical assessment comes in.

At Shuropody, our HCPC registered podiatry experts are available at our in-store foot clinics to perform biomechanical assessments at your convenience.

What is a Biomechanical Assessment?

Stress-free and highly intuitive, a biomechanical assessment is an excellent way of developing a snapshot of how the bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons of your feet are working together; and how this is affecting the rest of your body.

For example, if you're experiencing recurring pain in your feet, ankles, knees, or even your lower back, a biomechanical assessment can identify the underlying cause and assist you in addressing it with bespoke footcare recommendations.

A biomechanical assessment can also be used to identify reasons for changes to your posture or gait, allowing our podiatry experts to help you to understand how your lower body is functioning, as well as investigating any strength or mobility issues, recommending a tailored regime of stretching and strengthening exercises to remedy the problem.

What happens during a Biomechanical Assessment?

Your consultation will be conducted at one of our in-store foot clinics, by a HCPC registered podiatry expert, who will ask you a series of questions designed to help identify the problem.

Your biomechanical assessment may also involve a physical examination, during which your podiatrist will examine your feet, ankles, knees, and thighs – and sometimes your back, so it can be a good idea to wear looser-fitting clothing to your appointment.

There’s no need to worry about anything, our expert podiatrists will ensure you’re happy and comfortable during the assessment.

Book a Biomechanical Assessment with Shuropody

You can book a biomechanical assessment with us by clicking here and completing a short form.

You can also book a biomechanical assessment if you are looking to buy our custom-made orthotics in partnership with Enertor – a 100% unique insole which is moulded to your foot and tailored to provide the perfect support and control as recommended by your Podiatrist.

Please note that biomechanical assessments are a 60-minute appointment.

Book now with one of our HCPC registered podiatrists, or learn more about custom made orthotics and how they can benefit you today.

Biomechanical Assessment