Bunions and Bunion Treatments

A protrusion of the joint at the base of the big toe, often coupled with a noticeable tendency for the big toe to deviate inwards, Bunions can develop for a number of reasons, and can be painful and greatly impact your daily life.

Bunion treatment is required to ease the ailment, through the use of bunion relief socks or a bunion brace, which help to slow down the progression of the condition.

What causes Bunions?

So, what causes bunions? Bunions can develop for a number of reasons, such as a result of lifestyle of regular activity – regular running, for example -  but the vast majority of cases are hereditary. These protrusions are uncomfortable and often cause significant discomfort.

For some, bunions can be caused by poor foot or lower limb alignment, which can be helped by wearing quality arch supports, or orthotics. This bunion treatment minimises the ‘unhealthy’ movement in your feet and provides stability to the joints and limb functions.

A biomechanical assessment can help to identify any issues. If you feel you need a bunion assessment or a closer look at how your lower limbs or joints are working, find your nearest clinic to book for an assessment and take a look at our bestselling FootBalance range today.

Bunion assessment to improve foot function

Bunions are often progressive, meaning they will gradually worsen over time. If the pain becomes severe, your GP may recommend surgery as a bunion treatment to realign the joint. The success of this procedure can vary and there are often lengthy recovery periods.

A free foot assessment from Shuropody can help to understand how your feet and lower limbs are working, and can provide bunion treatments like a bunion brace or protector to minimise pressure and help support better foot function.

Alternatively, a bunion assessment can help you in ensuring your shoes are wide enough to accommodate your bunion, and that where possible they are made from a softer textile. Browse our comfort footwear picks in our Sandpiper range. It can also help to invest in specially designed bunion relief socks, which use gentle compression to relieve pain and discomfort. Knowing how to ease bunion pain is the first step to a return to normality!

Bunion treatment with Shuropody

Whether you think bunion relief socks or a bunion brace could be of use, or you feel you may benefit from a free foot assessment, you can find all the help you need at a number of our local clinics.

Our bunion treatments are to improve your quality of life, allowing you to return to the activities you love and continue walking well.

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