National Feet Week: 7th – 13th March | Shuropody

National Feet Week: 7th – 13th March | Shuropody

National Feet Week: 7th -13th March 2022

Our feet carry us a long way. For example, the lifetime step-count of the average person is a brain-melting 216,262,500. (Otherwise known as five times around the globe.)

And that’s before you factor in the bumps, scrapes, grazes, and tears that a person accumulates along the way.  

It’s worth noting that the majority of the most common foot problems occur from simply… overuse. It’s true!

Our feet are crucial indicators of our overall health. And as we rely on them to move us about each and every day, surely, they deserve a little attention from time to time?

As our lives get busier, our feet can go neglected. But they shouldn’t! And National Feet Week brings feet to the fore, reminding us that a visit to a podiatrist is as important as a visit to an optician - or even the doctor.

Amongst their other miraculous functions, our feet can serve as a crucial indicator of our overall health, and even link directly to our mental wellbeing.  

As such, it only seems fair that our feet have a week dedicated solely (pun intended) to them.

Enter: National Feet Week.


A seven-day foot health fiesta! National feet week – this year taking place March 7th – March 13th – seeks to raise awareness of all things feet related; from expert advice on how to take good care of your feet to more complex foot health concerns.

Simply put, National Feet Week puts foot health in the spotlight; offering people an opportunity to discuss their feet openly and honestly.

Taking Care of Your Feet: Foot Bath


Ideally, spend an entire week with your feet up. But, since that may not be entirely feasible, you could do something that’ll make you feel as though you did and book an appointment with one of our highly qualified podiatrists.

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of visiting a podiatrist, but you shouldn’t. Podiatrists are foot health experts, able to identify, treat, and even prevent foot problems.

A visit to a podiatrist can leave your feet feeling restored and rejuvenated; ready to tackle the next several thousand miles ahead.

You can also spread the word on social media by using the hashtags #NationalFeetWeek and #LetsTalkAboutFeet.


Athlete’s foot – This is a fungal infection that often spreads between the toes and other areas of the foot. It’s highly contagious and can cause itchiness and irritation.

Bunions – Bunions refer to a type of deformity that involves the big toe joint. They can be unsightly and painful.

Plantar Fasciitis – This is the most common cause of heel pain. Plantar Fasciitis occurs when tiny tears inside the tissue build up a thick layer, creating discomfort.

Corns & Calluses – Corns usually consist of an area of thickened skin that can be white or yellow in colour. Calluses are diffused areas of thickened skin that can have corns beneath. They cause moderate to severe discomfort.

Problem Toenails – Fungal infections and ingrown toenails are common problems that people have. Fungal nails involve a discolouration of the nail. Ingrown toenails occur when the nail digs into the skin, causing discomfort.

Cracked Heels – This occurs when there is a build-up of hard skin or callus at the edge of the heels. This tends to split, causing heels to become cracked.

Verruca’s – These are known as warts on the feet. They’re infectious lumps caused by a virus.

At Shuropody we have a range of treatments available that can cure and relieve these common foot problems. You can view our available treatments here.


If you think you might have any of the problems listed above, or are concerned about your feet in any way, then having a consultation with one of our podiatrists is the first step to happy, healthy feet.

And you needn’t wait for problems to occur before seeking advice. A simple biomechanical assessment can provide incredible insight into your current foot health; allowing your podiatrist to suggest a course of action before anything – should it be identified – can worsen.

Request an appointment with one of our highly qualified podiatrists HERE.

Happy National Feet week!

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