Treatments at Shuropody

At Shuropody, your foot health is our number one priority. We understand that the condition of your feet can affect your health from head to toe. Our experienced team of podiatrists have a range of effective treatments available for specific foot problems to help you stay in tip-top condition and maintain your daily activities.

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Get a FREE Foot Assessment at any Shuropody store

Our expert in-store teams offer a FREE 15 minute foot assessment to all our customers to ensure they can provide you with the best treatment possible or to help you find the perfect fitting pair of shoes. This assessment varies depending on what technology is available in-store:


In stores that have our latest FootBalance technology*, an assessment is carried out on our innovative FootBalance machine, which offers a comprehensive examination of your feet including alignment, pressure points and pronation (the natural motion of your foot during walking and running). The machine will then mould you the perfect pair of customised othotics (insoles) in a matter of minutes for you to try (and purchase if you wish to). The assessment also includes foot measuring, plus our staff member will look for common foot ailments (such as bunions, corns, hard skin, problem nails) and recommend suitable products for you.

In stores without a FootBalance machine^, your FREE foot assessment will include a visual assessment of the feet; looking at posture, joint alignment, common foot ailments (such as bunions, corns, hard skin, problem nails). Free foot measuring is also included. This will usually lead to recommendations on products and services suitable for your feet, such as orthotics (insoles), foot creams, well fitting shoes, clinic treatments etc. 

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*Belfast, Brighton, Bromley, Chelmsford, Chichester, Glasgow, Kingston, Leamington Spa, Oxford, Salisbury, Shrewsbury, Solihull, Southampton, Trentham, Watford, Winchester.

^Aberdeen, Bath, Birmingham, Cardiff, Chester, Coventry, Cramlington, Colchester, Derby, Eastbourne (coming soon), Exeter, Hanley, Harrogate, Hull, Huntingdon, Ilford, Ipswich, Leicester, Manchester, Norwich, Nottingham, Plymouth, Stafford, Stockport, Sutton, Sutton Coldfield, Widnes, Wolverhampton, Worcester.

Treatments available at Shuropody Foot Clinics:


What is involved in a Podiatry Treatment?

  • An aromatic foot bath softens and relaxes your feet
  • Your podiatrist or qualified clinician assesses your feet, and gives you individual advice about the treatment your feet need
  • We'll cut your toe nails and treat any nails problems.
  • Any areas of hard skin, callus and corns are gently reduced
  • We will smooth over any splits or cracks in your heels and give you advice about how to avoid problems in the future
  • Your qualified clinician will consider and assess the general overall health of your feet
  • Your treatment is completed with the application of moisturiser to soften and soothe your feet
  • We'll give you advice about ongoing care or treatments to maintain the health and comfort of your feet until your next treatment

Some specialist treatments, like removal of verrucas and nail surgery are not part of our standard treatment. Get in touch with your local store to check prices and to book an appointment.

Our bio-mechanical appointments are an hour long compared to a standard 30 minute appointment.

Our podiatrists may recommend an orthotic as part of your treatment and you can buy these separately from Shuropody.

Please note that we do not provide physiotherapy services

Foot MOT

Get a comprehensive 1-hour 'Foot MOT' assessment, carried out by one of our fully-qualified HCPC Registered podiatrists.

Our Foot MOT includes: 

  • A detailed discussion of your medical history
  • A sensory nerve test 
  • A circulation test
  • Full Foot Care treatment
  • Relaxing luxury footbath
  • Nails cut and filed
  • Removal of any corns
  • Removal of all hard skin
  • Aftercare advice
  • A full footcare health plan discussed

Please note: This treatment and assessment is suitable for diabetics.

Cost: £80

Treatment Plans

We understand the importance of long term treatment and care for your feet, so we offer a range of 'treatment plans' of either three or six treatments to encourage regular foot care habits and help you to save money at the same time. Your Shuropody Podiatrist will recommend the correct treatment plan to suit your individual needs, or our in-store footcare advisors will advise you as part of our free footcare assessment.

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