Problem Toenails

Toenails provide us with great protection to the soft flesh below. Through neglect, this hard and durable surface will be weakened and could lead to nail problems.

Fungal Nails

  • A fungus is an organism that can cause infection in the skin and nails
  • When a nail is infected by a fungus the nail will often change colour at the site of the infection, and can appear white, yellow or brown. A fungally infected nail may become brittle and begin to split. It is usual for a fungal infection to start in one nail, however, it can easily spread to the other nails


Most fungal nail infections occur as a result of the fungi that cause athlete’s foot infecting the nails. This fungi prefer warm, moist and dark places like the feet.


Lacuna Method, excilor, loceryl, emtrix.

What is an Ingrowing Toenail?

  • An ingrowing toe nail is a nail that digs into the flesh at the edge of the nail. The big toe is most commonly affected, however any toenail can become ingrowing
  • An ingrown toe nail is usually painful when the flesh around the toe nail is touched. As it progresses the toe will throb and become very painful. The flesh around the nail may become inflamed (hot, red and swollen) and you may notice discharge from the area. Ingrown toe nails can often become infected


  • An abnormal shaped nail, where there is excess curvature of the nail can cause the nail edges to dig in
  • Abnormal pressure - shoes that are too narrow around the toes, or too high causing the toes to be pushed forward, can cause the nail to dig into the surrounding skin
  • Poor nail cutting


A podiatrist will access the reason for the ingrowing toe nail and treat the problem. Also discuss a treatment plan to prevent the ingrowing nail from reoccurring.