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Exercises to Keep Your Feet Healthy

There are 33 joints in the human foot and we want to make sure they're all in pristine condition! Stiff joints can lead to fascial and muscular issues in the foot and up the leg, therefore, performing regular exercises on your feet will help avoid complications and prevent common foot conditions. 

We have put together some easy exercises you can perform at home and all you'll need is a resistance band! 

Tibialis Anterior 

Sit on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you. Anchor the resistant band on a chair or table, then wrap it around your foot. Pull your toes towards you and slowly return to the start position.

Adductor Muscle 

Wrap the resistant band around the ankles of both feet. Lying on the side with the legs straight, lift the top leg up and down in a slow, controlled action. This exercise can also be performed with a tighter resistance band for greater muscle strengthening. 

Tibialis Posterior 

Place one foot over the opposite knee with the resistance band wrapped around the foot inwards and then gently raise and lower the foot. Turn the foot inwards and then gently raise and lower the foot. 

Peroneal Muscles 

Hook the resistance band under your opposite foot and up to your hand as shown. Keeping the heel on the ground, turn the foot outwards, allowing the outer border of the foo to rise up slightly, pulling against the band. Ensure the heel remains in contact with the ground throughout this exercise.

If you do these foot stretches and strengthening exercises regularly, your feet will feel stronger and less prone to injury. The exercises can relieve your heel and arch pain, and even prevent hammertoes and stop toe cramps.

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