Wake up and step up!

Wake up and step up!

How many of us scrub our feet as part of our daily routine? I’m betting not many! Yet, most people could probably say that they moisturise and exfoliate the rest of their body at least once a week. So why do we put a footcare routine on the bottom of our priority lists?

A proper footcare routine is important to maintain both healthy skin and foot comfort. Our feet are one of the most important parts of our bodies, so we should all try looking after them more regularly.

Here are 6 quick steps to fit footcare into your daily routine:



Scholl hard skin action file


Our feet carry our weight day-in and day-out, which means that the skin at the bottom of our feet can become rough and dry. Exfoliating your feet daily will help get rid of any dry skin and will leave your feet soft to the touch. Scholl’s Hard Skin Action File is designed to file away any dead skin from even the most difficult areas of the feet, while the extendable handle makes it easy to hold.







Crossed feet

Dry your feet thoroughly

When you get out of the shower, it’s important to dry off any moisture from between your toes and any other nooks and crannies. Damp feet can often lead to fungal infections, which are unpleasant and take a long time to treat. So make sure your feet are dried thoroughly and try to leave a few minutes before putting on socks to maximise drying time.













Flexitol moisturising foot cream



Keep your feet silky smooth with an effective moisturising cream which will keep your feet soft and supple all day. Flexitol moisturising cream contains Vitamin E to help restore the skin’s natural moisture barrier.










Sandpiper diabetic cotton socks

Put a sock on it

Socks should be changed to a fresh pair every day to prevent a damp environment around your feet which may encourage fungal growth; this is particularly important for diabetics. Our Sandpiper diabetic cotton socks offer diabetics support in a natural fabric without restricting your ankles too much.











Scholl fresh step foot spray

Spray, spray, away

Shoe spray helps maintain shoe freshness. Scholl’s Fresh Step Shoe Spray provides 24hr protection and helps illuminate odours so that you can walk with confidence.









Grey Cyan Shuropody shoe

Swap and change

We all have a go-to pair of shoes that we wear daily, however, swapping regularly between a few favourite pairs will help to keep freshness as well as increase the longevity of your shoes. Take a look at our new Autumn/Winter collection for some shoe inspiration.








If you are experiencing any foot problems, it might be worth seeing one of our podiatrists. Shuropody have podiatrists working at our stores across the country. They can offer you a free 15-minute foot assessment to diagnose any foot conditions such as posture, foot alignment and common foot ailments. If necessary, they may suggest a treatment plan. Take a look at our clinic locator to find your nearest clinic. All our podiatrists are fully qualified so we can guarantee your feet will be in safe hands.

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