The Healthy Footwear Guide

The Healthy Footwear Guide

It’s thought that in our lifetime, the average person walks the equivalent of four times around the equator of the earth…that’s A LOT of walking! Your feet endure a significant amount of pressure from everyday activities, which is why wearing the right footwear is SO important in enjoying a healthy, active lifestyle.

Shuropody is now proudly approved by the ‘Healthy Footwear Guide’, ensuring our shoes meet the high-quality standards that the Healthy Footwear Guide have set. But what exactly is the Healthy Footwear Guide, you ask? They set certain standards, that if met, promote a healthy and comfortable fit. If a pair of shoes is approved by the Healthy Footwear guide, then this means they contain certain features that maximise foot function, comfort and health.

Why is a good fit SO important?

Given the amount of walking we do in a lifetime, our feet are particularly vulnerable. Wearing the wrong footwear will increase the likelihood of developing nasty foot problems that cause pain and discomfort. Here’s what a good fit should consist of:

What are the Healthy Footwear Guidelines?

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  • Toe box that allows normal foot function
  • Adequate width and depth for feet to function easily
  • Sole that encourages normal foot function
  • Soft flexible upper and lining
  • Stable heel of approximately 25mm
  • In shoe climate that promotes a healthy environment within the shoe
  • Shoes provide reasonable cosseting
  • Shoe retains its fitness for purpose
  • Shoe must offer good foot retention
  • Outsole grip that meets industry standards

When trying on shoes, you should always check that:

  • The shoe securely grips the foot and does not slip
  • The sole flexes easily in the forepart
  • The heel provides a stable platform
  • The upper material flexes with the foot and returns to its original shape
  • No pinching or pressure is felt whilst walking

At Shuropody, we now have a diverse range of styles that are approved by the Healthy Footwear Guide. Any shoes that have been approved will be marked with the Healthy Footwear Guide logo on our website.

Here are some of our AW19 styles that have been approved:

Healthy Footwear Guide approved boots by our Elite Shuropody range
Barcadi - Black, Barcadi - Brown, Evora - Brown
Shuropody Foot Clinic boots
Zuri - Black, Minnelli - Tan, Newark - Brown
Freedom Fit by Shuropody shoes
Adrano - Black, Radussa - Black, Enna - Black

One of our best-sellers

Sammi - Black

Our best-selling Sammi is now approved by the Healthy Footwear Guide. Known for its highly flexible and lightweight structure, these shoes exhibit exceptional comfort and ease.


You can view our full range of shoes that are approved by the Healthy Footwear Guide here.

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