Merry Boot-Mass: Best Winter Boots for Gifting

Merry Boot-Mass: Best Winter Boots for Gifting

Sleigh bells ring; are you listening? In the lane, snow is glistening. At least, so the song goes. And if you’re looking for gift ideas for someone who loves nothing more than strapping on a pair of comfortable boots and taking a brisk walk through the winter wonderland, then our winter boots guide is exactly the type of festive inspiration you need; filled with boots they’ll cherish all year round.

From our expert picks for the best waterproof hiking boots (to keep that snow on the outside), to ideas for men’s winter boots that seamlessly fuse fashion and function, we’ve got everything you need for festive walks and seasonal hikes.

best winter boots for walking

Best Winter Boots: The List

It is, as another song says, the most wonderful time of the year. And there’s nothing quite like a wintry walk; whether a post lunch stroll through the woods or an early morning amble through snow-kissed streets.

But even after the snow melts, our winter boots guide is filled with recommendations that will see whomever you’re buying for through the winter months and beyond.


Elegant, practical and robust, Joseph Seibel’s Sandra91 are waterproof hiking boots that don’t skimp on style. Whether worn as part of a winter ensemble for a day spent visiting loved ones, or put through their paces on a seasonal adventure, they’re an evergreen pick in the best women’s boots category.

Best winter boots: Sandra91



Designed by Hush Puppies, Arla are fashionable, comfortable boots with a timeless style that can be easily incorporated into a winter capsule wardrobe. Featuring an intuitive memory foam footbed and elasticated back for a wide fit, ideal for both picturesque walks and cosy afternoons indoors.

Best winter boots: Arla


And so our winter boots guide turns its attention to men’s winter boots now, with Cirencester by Cotswold. Honestly, written descriptions of these supportive, comfortable boots struggle to do them justice. A lightweight, stylish and supportive Chelsea brogue ankle-boot featuring a padded leather-lined footbed cushion for maximum comfort? No wonder they made our best winter boots list.

Best winter boots: Cirencester

Altai STX

Men’s winter boots are like… old friends. Supportive throughout the years, no matter how much is thrown at them. And Altai STX by Joya are no exception. A rugged, all-terrain boot benefiting from innovative comfort technology and a breathable upper mesh, these robust men’s winter boots are an ideal gift.

Best winter boots: Altai STX

And we round out our winter boot guide in style. And comfort. And support. And warmth. Designed by Shuropody, Skylar are water-resistant and ultra-cosy, with a faux-fur trim adding seasonal flair to innovative support. (Because, as we know, the best women’s boots are multi-taskers.)

Perfect for seasonal strolls or wintry city afternoons, they’re comfortable boots with effortless style. I.e. the quintessential winter boot.

 Best winter boots: Skylar

So, there it is. Our picks for the best winter boots. Whether you’re buying for someone else, or simply gifting them to yourself (note: you deserve it), you’ll be ready for anything the season can throw at you.

Merry Boot-Mass.

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