How to Relax, De-Stress & Unwind

How to Relax, De-Stress & Unwind

From time-to-time we can all feel a little overwhelmed and need to take a step back from life’s lingering worries. Now more than ever, our mental health should be a priority. Living amid a global pandemic on top of everything else can put incredible strain on our wellbeing. Taking the time to relax and get away from it all can work wonders for your health. Remember to breathe, keep calm and know that these difficult times will pass. But until then, here’s our ultimate guide on how to relax, de-stress and unwind in these unprecedented times.



Relax in the bath

Have a bath

From sweet smelling salts to aromatic candles, treat yourself to a stress-free bubble bath and dissolve your worries away.










Go for a walk

Fresh air is your friend. Getting out the house to go for a walk is great for both your physical and mental wellbeing. It might be cold but wrap up warm and we promise you’ll feel better afterwards.








relax with a book

Read a book

Whether you’re into the classics or want something a bit more modern, there are endless amounts of stories to get lost in. Reading is the perfect way to escape and help you relax. If you’re not a fan of books, then try a magazine, there are hundreds to choose from!









Creative colouring

Get creative

A creative activity will engage your mind and prevent it from wondering elsewhere. From creative colouring books to baking masterpieces, the possibilities are endless.










relax with yoga


Deep breathing and gentle stretching exercises that leave you stress-free. Downward dog your way to a calmer state of mind. Beginners and yogi’s alike can feel the benefits of this meditation-inspired sport.









Write in a journal

Write in a journal

Sometimes our heads can feel heavy with worries. Writing them down in a journal will help to manage them and stop them weighing you down.









relax with music

Listen to calming/feel-good music

Whether you want to listen to the calming sounds of the sea or your favourite up-beat tune. Music can have the power to change our mood, relax, and escape to a better, happier place.









Whatever your situation and however you’re feeling right now, following these simple tasks will help you escape from reality and give you some peace of mind. You should never feel guilty for taking the time to relax. And breatheeeee!

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