Fashionable Wide Fitting Footwear: Our Style Guide

Fashionable Wide Fitting Footwear: Our Style Guide

Let’s start off with a lie, shall we?

“There’s no such thing as fashionable wide fitting footwear.”

Even typing it is frustrating.

But sadly, it’s one of those pesky, persistent lies that’s repeated so often it’s assumed to be true; damaging people’s confidence and confining them to achingly tight shoes in the name of fashion.

But it needn’t be this way.

Comfortably Stylish: Fashionable Wide Shoes

If you’ve struggled with the [alleged] trade-off between comfort and style in wide fit footwear, you’re not alone.

There are hundreds of blogs dedicated to ‘shoe hacks’, with people offering tips and advice on how to stretch and re-shape regular shoes for wide feet; at best damaging the shoe, at worst damaging the foot.

But we don’t stand for that.

Fashionable wide fitting footwear exists. And there’s a shoe for every style.

So, whether you’re lighting up the dancefloor, strolling the city streets or striding through the workweek, we’ve curated a few simple style tips to refer to as required.

Smart Casual Style

Wide fit shoes are often overlooked by the high street. But there are countless examples of fashionable wide fitting footwear, making them as versatile as their regular fit cousins.

And when we think versatile, we think smart casual.

  • In the office? You’ll want to pair flats with trousers and a seasonally rotating cast of shirts, T-shirts, jumpers, and vest tops.
  • Out for lunch? Try mixing and matching different ankle boots or trainers with different cuts of jeans before pairing with the iconic T-Shirt and blazer combo.

Formal Wear

If you’ve suffered through a formal function in poorly fitting shoes, you’ll be pleased to learn that there are fashionable extra wide fitting shoes for such occasions.

  • At a wedding? An understated pair of flats will complement whichever style you opt for, whether suit, dress, or skirt. (And keep your feet in luxurious comfort.)
  • Attending a business meeting? Business wear has evolved in recent years, and heeled shoes are no longer a prerequisite. Try pairing your favourite business attire with loafers or brogues for a stylistic shakeup.

Seasonal Style

If you’re someone who rotates your style in step with the seasons, there are plenty of fashionable ladies wide fitting shoe options to be explored.

  • Winter Walks? You’ll want to pair stylish-yet-sturdy ankle boots with your toughest jeans.
  • Summer Stroll? Feel the breeze on your feet by matching simple sandals with linen trousers.

We could go on. And on. And on.

You see, as we’ve (hopefully) proven, fashionable wide fitting footwear isn’t a myth, and your fashion choices are by no means limited by wearing shoes that offer comfort and support.

Need more proof? Check out our range of wide fit footwear now.  And don’t forget to read our blogs on all things foot health.
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