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Best Men’s Slippers 2021: A Shuropody Guide

As the temperature drops and thermostats rise, there’s nothing quite like good quality men’s slippers to greet weary feet after a long day; like an old friend signifying that it’s relaxation time. (A roaring fire is completely optional.)

And whether you’re looking for something equally stylish and comfortable, or are seeking the best men’s slippers for foot pain, our list has something for every type of slipper wearer, from moccasins to mules, to loafers and beyond.

Whatever your preferred style, here are our picks for the best men’s slippers 2021.


If you’re looking for the best men’s slippers with support, Walter, Designed by Sandpiper, delivers. Featuring an ultra-customisable fit, with a design that can be either opened out flat or rolled up around the foot, Walter literally stretches to accommodate your foot type.

Ideal for swollen or misshapen feet – especially if your feet swell and change shape during the course of the day - Walter features a timeless, elegant design and unparalleled comfort. 

Best men’s slippers: Walter


Designed with warmth and comfort in mind, Lewis, by Shuropody, is the quintessential example of the best men’s slippers.

Featuring the warmest of linings and elasticated gussets for enhanced comfort, Lewis is guaranteed to provide luxury, support, and relief after a long day.

Best men’s slippers: Lewis


A more contemporary entry on our list of the best men’s slippers, our very own Edison proves that it’s possible to unite fashion and function. A stylish, lightweight slipper benefiting from adjustable width at both the toes and heel; making the best men’s slippers for foot pain.

Whether you’re looking for something stylish, supportive, or, indeed, both, Edison delivers with an ultra-warm lining and soft textile upper.


The final entry on our list of the best men’s slippers is a timeless, cosy classic; perfectly encapsulating our twin mottos of style and support.

Designed by Hush Puppies, Ace features an elegant style and delivers unmatched comfort, with a faux-fur lining, suede uppers and ultra-intuitive memory foam sole for maximum support.

And, for gifting convenience, these slippers come ready-boxed; ideal for slipping (pun intended!) beneath the tree this Christmas.

Best men’s slippers: Ace

And there it is, our definitive guide to the best men’s slippers 2021. So, no matter your slipper selection, you can rest assured anything from our carefully curated list will provide warmth, comfort, and support.

Need more inspiration? Check out our full range of men’s slippers now.

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