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Best Gifts for Shoe Lovers

And a Happy Shoe-Year: Best Gifts for Shoe Lovers

Following on from our list of the best winter boots, we’re back to provide inspiration on gifts for shoe lovers. Because, well, why should boots get all the attention?

We share our picks for the best footwear to gift to shoe-loving friends and family this year.

Best Gifts for Shoe Lovers: The List

Whether you’re looking for stylish shoes for men, or are simply seeking the best women’s shoes to box up and slip beneath the tree, our picks have you covered. From the stylish to the supportive, the classic to the comfortable, we’ve got inspiration for days.

Marley Pointed

And our list sets off on the right foot with Marley, by Hush Puppies. A timeless, elegant ballet-style shoe that’ll seamlessly slip into any wardrobe, they’re an ideal gift for someone looking for an ordinary shoe with extraordinary style.

Gifts for shoe lovers: Marley Pointed


The best women’s shoes come in all fits and styles; and no collection is complete without a classic heeled shoe. Sophisticated and supportive, featuring a low pyramid heel and elasticated gusset, Lilibeth by Shuropody are versatile, elegant and the perfect addition to any shoe collection.

Gifts for shoe lovers: Lilibeth

Outlaw II

The widest of categories to whittle down, the best men’s shoes strike the balance between fashion and function; designed with comfort and style in mind. Hush Puppies’ Outlaw II fits that bill perfectly, with a neat contemporary twist on a classic style. As gifts for shoe lovers go, Outlaw II are top-tree material.


Gifts for shoe lovers – Outlaw II



No list of gifts for shoe lovers is truly complete without at least one trainer entry. But we didn’t want to choose anything too… sporty. Latimer, by Rieker, are the perfect trainers that don’t, at first glance, appear to be trainers, meaning they’ll work nicely with a variety of styles, whilst providing unparalleled comfort and support; as the best men’s shoes should.


Gifts for shoe lovers – Latimer



Okay. So we’re maybe looking ahead to the future a little with our final entry in our gifts for shoe lovers. But we couldn’t resist! After all, the best women’s shoe collections feature a variety of seasonal styles. Best paired with a balmy spring afternoon and an outdoor seat at a café, Merle, by Shuropody, is a sandal bringing comfort and style into perfect balance with a low wedged heel and chic open-toe design.

Maybe tickets for a summer holiday could be slipped into the box, too…? Just an idea.

Gifts for shoe lovers – Merle

And that brings us to the end of our picks of shoes best for gifting. Hopefully, we’ve offered some inspiration. After all, gifts for shoe lovers can be delicate ground to walk on!

View our full range of women’s footwear here. Shop our complete collection of men’s footwear here.

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