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Benefits of Walking for Your Wellbeing

The average person walks about 115,000 miles in a lifetime – more than four times the circumference of the globe.

May is National Walking Month and it’s the perfect opportunity to lace up your shoes and get walking! By swapping a short drive for a short walk, not only will you be saving money but also getting active in the process.

When was the last time you took in the sights, smells and sounds around you? Connect with nature and take time for yourself by boosting your wellbeing.

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5 key benefits of walking
  1. Cardiovascular fitness, helping with weight loss.
  2. Increases energy levels.
  3. Great for your mental health and wellbeing.
  4. Walking barefoot restores our natural gait (if you're brave enough)
  5. Strengthens muscles and bones in our feet and body.

Walking doesn't have to be boring!

Maybe you're looking for a new place to explore? Or want to make your walks a little more exciting! We’ve put together a list of some great ideas and places to help you take part this National Walking Month.

  1. *Plays Walk This Way by Run DMC* Strut through town and put together your favourite playlist to listen to on your walk.
  2. Gather a couple of friends or family members to join you, as well as exercising, this also gives you time to catch up with them.
  3. Search for your closest national park here. National parks are a great way to explore wildlife, see beautiful views and take challenging routes. A real adventure!
  4.  Add a workout section to your walk, this can help change up your routine. 

Supportive footwear

When it comes to walking, you need supportive footwear. We've put together our top picks to ensure every step feels like you're walking on a blanket of soft clouds.

Waterproof shoe

Take the scenic route no matter the terrain, in style and comfort with the SKECHERS Relaxed Fit®: Selmen - West Highland shoe. The shoe is waterproof, so you do not have to worry about stepping in any puddles! 

 Winstone Boot

These classic leather Winstone Boots by Cotswold offer comfort and style. Crafted with full-grain leather, the Winstone unisex boots are exceptionally easy to maintain and clean off any mud, salt or snow you may pick up on your travels.  

Joya Bliss stx

Transforming even the most mundane of walks into a true experience, with BlissSTX, walking will never be the same again. These waterproof shoes by Joya are especially designed to support your natural sequence of movements, enabling you to walk with ease. 

men's walking shoes

An outdoor essential for men! Marcus by Rieker was designed for those who love an adventure! Complete with an adjustable lace-up fastening for a secure fit and a cushioning insole for a long-lasting comfortable feel.

At Shuropody, we are passionate about foot health. In an average day of walking, your feet experience forces totalling hundreds of tons—the equivalent of a fully-loaded cement truck. Therefore, it is important to look after your feet by taking regular trips to see a podiatrist. Our friendly, modern in-store clinics offer a range of podiatry treatments, all delivered by HCPC registered podiatrists.

Our clinicians can help with the following issues:

Book now to get your feet in tip top condition, or meet the team of your local clinic for more information.

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