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No longer would you have to decide whether to go for style or comfort. Our shoes are designed with the latest trends in mind; comfort should never be lost in the process. We understand the importance of a comfortable, well fitted shoe. Experience comfort and quality with Shuropody’s men’s footwear.

Looking for a brand? We proudly stock Joya, Sandpiper Skechers, Cotswold, Hush Puppies, Anatomic & Co, Rieker, Crocs, ECCO, as our own, Shuropody, Elite, & FreedomFit collections.

Do you suffer from a foot condition? Did you know we offer expert advice on a variety of conditions?

We offer Verruca treatment advice, the best and most comfortable shoes for bunions , Athlete’s foot treatments, corn treatments and even the best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis. Whether you want to know how to treat cracked heels or suffering from , our expertise really does know no limits.