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Meet Our Podiatrists: International Podiatry Day

They help keep us on our feet and diligently deal with a whole host of problems. But have you ever wondered how our podiatrists came to love what they do now? This International Podiatry Day we delve deep to give you a personal insight into the life of our talented team. From the things that inspired them, to their top tips on footcare. We’re giving you a behind-the-scenes look at some of our most passionate and dedicated footcare experts.


Head of Podiatry, Ruby

Ruby Kallah

Job Title: Head of Podiatry

Location: Glasgow

Ruby always wanted to get involved in a career as a health professional and podiatry seemed like the perfect fit. “I applied to study a degree in Podiatric Medicine as it looked like it was a course which involved more than just cutting toenails! I enjoyed the course so much and had excellent lecturers. I had a great class who worked very well together and after 4 years of hard work at university I have never looked back”.

Ruby loves treating patients in the clinic and all the care factors that come with it. “It is such a rewarding job when you are able to help someone in pain and make them pain free by resolving a lower limb related issue. I also like to support other podiatrists and keeping up to date with the profession”.

Ruby graduated from Glasgow Caledonian university in 2005 and has been working as a podiatrist for 15 years. 13 of those years have been at Shuropody.

If you have any concerns with your feet, Ruby suggests it’s always best to see a podiatrist. “Often people will go to see their GP for foot related problems, but a podiatrist would be able to advise and treat if necessary. Please contact your local Shuropody foot clinic for further information”.

You can find your nearest clinic here.


Podiatry Bath


Job Title: Podiatrist

Location: Bath

Licia had many passions when deciding what to pursue as a profession. “I really loved sciences but at the same time I'd have liked to do something where I could use my practical and manual skills. I found that Podiatry was a bit of both and here I am!”

She loves many things about her job but most of all she loves the bond and trust that she builds with her patients. “I also enjoy helping elderly people, giving them attention and the possibility to share their stories”.

Licia has been working as a podiatrist for 11 years.




Podiatrist Wolverhampton

Lauren Potter

Job Title: Podiatrist

Location: Wolverhampton

Lauren has always been interested in the health profession. She first came across podiatry when she attended a podiatry appointment with a family member. “The podiatrist expressed how much she enjoyed her job and how rewarding it was, so I came away from that wanting to know more”.

After just a couple of days work experience, Lauren decided she wanted to be a podiatrist. “I completed an access to science course, then went to uni of Southampton to study BSC Podiatry with honours”.

Lauren has been working in the profession for just over a year now. “I love talking to people from different backgrounds and being able to help someone within a half hour appointment. It’s very rewarding”.

Lauren’s Tip Tips:

Feet are very important, so look after them!


Victoria Tracey

Job Title: Podiatrist

Location: Colchester

Victoria is a newly qualified podiatrist at our Colchester clinic. “I chose podiatry because when I was little my father saw a podiatrist after months of pain, who issued a pair of custom orthotics that cured his plantar fasciitis. Seeing the effectiveness of this treatment really sparked my interest in the profession”.

Victoria enjoys working with people and loves to get to know her patients. “This has really been a fun aspect of working at Shuropody, as my patients love a good chat!”

To qualify as a podiatrist, Victoria studied podiatry at the University of Southampton. She has been working at Shuropody as a Foot Health Professional during her studies, and just two weeks ago was awarded her degree. So, she is now officially a qualified podiatrist. Well done, Victoria!

“I’m so proud to finally be part of such a varied and exciting profession; and to join my colleagues in saving the world, one foot at a time!”.


Podiatry Nottingham

Zoe Foster

Location: Nottingham

Job Title: Podiatrist

Zoe discovered her love for podiatry from a very young age. “From the age of fourteen my mother and I had a pampering session at home treating each other's feet. We had fun trying to find each other through the suds of the foot soak as we poured lotions and potions of natural aromatherapy oils into it. The foot soak was a treat for my fourteenth birthday; a treat that led me into the journey of being a Podiatrist. My mother said at the time that I would make a really good chiropodist”.

Zoe is incredibly passionate about her job “I derive tremendous satisfaction from my role as a Podiatrist which involves assessing, diagnosing, and treating individuals from all walks of life with various conditions including; verruca’s, corns, calluses, in-growing toe nails, and assessments for orthotics”.

Now with 14 years’ experience in the profession, Zoe has found her job to be extremely rewarding. “I can honestly say that I gain satisfaction in enabling a client to improve their mobility, when a client announces that they’re walking on air following a corn removal, callus reduction or an ingrowing toe nail removal when initially they walked into the clinic in pain”.

“The role of podiatry is never boring and neither for the faint hearted as at times you will be treating infections and dealing with dressing wounds”.

“Every day is different as I have the spontaneity of treating various conditions and different individuals. At times this can be challenging depending on the type of conditions I treat from infected wounds to fungal nail infections”.

“The role of podiatry also involves utilizing qualities of empathy, and respect, to clients whom you will treat.”. All characteristics that Zoe very much possesses.

Theresa Campbell

Job Title: Podiatrist

Location: Wolverhampton

Theresa worked as a healthcare assistant for many years. She has experience as a qualified Aromatherapist but has always been fascinated in the foot. Then, in 1998 the opportunity arose for her to train to be a podiatrist.

“I love the interaction with the patients and understanding what problems they may have and how we can work together as clinicians to help them overcome certain health problems by working with other health professionals if required”.

Theresa has worked in the profession on and off for around 20 years.

Jayne Wilson

Job Title: Podiatrist

Location: Hull

“When I was 17 I saw a programme on tv about the Johannesburg school of podiatry and thought it was a good trade to have, so at the age of 20 I started the course”. Jayne qualified in 1990, so has been doing this for 30 years.

“I have a holistic approach, each patient is an individual and placing yourself in their shoes. The thing I love about the job is the satisfaction of patient’s reactions when they leave the clinic”.



Alex Downton

Job Title: Podiatrist

Location: Coventry

Alex’s journey to becoming a podiatrist started at Cardiff metropolitan university. But the real reason she decided to pursue podiatry was because she had battled with her own foot problems. “I had really bad in-grown toenails which weren’t done correctly. I wanted to help people with the same problem I had”.

Alex loves knowing that people come into the clinic with a problem and they are able to leave pain free.

Alex is fairly new to the podiatry profession, having just recently graduated.

Alex’s Top Tips:

A good shoe is your goal.

Barbara - Podiatrist Wolverhampton


Job Title: Podiatrist

Location: Wolverhampton

“I started my Journey in footcare with Age UK. I volunteered one day a week to do basic footcare for people who found taking care of their feet difficult. However, I wanted to be able to do more, so I decided to embark on the process of becoming a podiatrist”.

“I love being able to talk to people from many walks of life and help them keep active and comfortable by taking care of their feet”.

Barbara qualified with a BSc (Hons) in podiatry in 2013 from Birmingham school of Podiatry.

Barbara’s Top Tips:

Follow: F E E T

F ootwear, ensure shoes fit correctly

E mollient, cream feet regularly

E xamine, check feet for any problems.

T reatment, see a Podiatrist about problems


Juan Luis Fernández Sánche

Job Title: Podiatrist

Juan always wanted to dedicate himself to the health sector. “I was looking for a profession where I could use my hands. I have a good coordination with my hands, so my teachers recommended podiatry to me and as it was related to health, I decided to study podiatry”.

Juon loves the relationship he builds with his patients and the opportunity to deal with a new case, “you never know who will arrive at the clinic”.

Juon has been a podiatrist for three years.




Chloe Smith

Job Title: Podiatrist

Location: Harrogate

Chloe studied at Huddersfield university to become a podiatrist. She had always wanted to do something in healthcare but wasn’t sure which profession. After shadowing a podiatrist, she decided that was what she wanted to do.

“Working as a podiatrist can be very rewarding because I can relieve pain almost instantly for patients with certain foot problems”.

Working at Shuropody has enabled her to get to know regular patients and can accommodate podiatry treatments to meet their needs. “We work as a team at Shuropody, not just for podiatry but also sell footcare products, insoles and shoes”.

Chloe has been working as a podiatrist for a year.

Chloe’s Top Tips:

Using daily urea foot cream such as flexitol (10%) is very helpful for reducing hard skin/callus, corns and cracked heels. This can be used at night applying over the whole foot apart from in-between the toes.

Shoes that are wider fitting with a large toe box and laces are generally much better for the feet, especially if you are suffering from corns in between the toes. Insoles or shoes with arch support can be very helpful with reducing many common problems such as callus or corns at the ball of the foot, metatarsalgia (ball of the foot pain) and heel pain often caused by plantar fasciitis.


Wolverhampton podiatrist - Teena

Teena Read

Job Title: Podiatrist

Location: Wolverhampton

Teena trained to become a podiatrist with Scholl and loved the interaction she had with her patients. “I love getting to know people and helping with foot problems”.

Teena has been a podiatrist for over 40 years now. We know, she doesn’t look it!

“I’m looking forward to the new Wolverhampton shop we’ll be having soon and the next chapter with the Shuropody team”.



Treatments Our Podiatrist's Offer

Remember podiatrists don’t just cut toenails! Here is a list of other treatments they can also provide:

  • Nail surgery - For ingrown toenails, which can be a permanent cure.
  • Biomechanical assessment - To assess if you would benefit from a custom-made insole to help you walk and stay active.
  • Verruca’s- Various treatments can be available.
  • Corns and callous- Removal of these and foot care advice on how to prevent future issues.
  • Fungal nails- Various options available to help cure this.
  • Diabetic Foot assessments- It is very important to have a thorough assessment of the feet of you are diabetic.
  • Footwear advice- Advise you on what the best type of footwear would be for your feet.
  • Foot care advice- Provide you with valuable advice on how to maintain and look after your feet and advice on any foot care products that may help.

Passion is at the heart of everything our podiatrists do. From professional health checks to expert advice, our exceptional team are always on foot to help.

Book an appointment HERE.

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