About Shuropody

About Shuropody

We are the UK's largest private provider of Chiropody and Podiatry, offering 150 clinics nationwide serving more than 250,000 patients each year. We have over 160 qualified Podiatrists who offer our patients a range of treatments, including; Chiropody, Biomechanical and Diabetes Assessments, Custom Made Orthotics, Cryotherapy and Nail Surgery.

What is Podiatry?

Podiatry is the diagnosis and treatment by Podiatrists of diseases and other conditions of the feet. Our Podiatrists are highly skilled professionals who have been trained to prevent, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate conditions of the feet and lower limbs.

Our People

Our strength is our people. Our team of experts are able to take the time to ensure excellence and continuity throughout your treatment. We provide training and support to ensure that you and your feet receive the highest standards of care. Over 300 foot care assistants support the clinic service, providing Chiropody advice along with a wealth of knowledge about comfort footwear, orthotic supports and foot care products for a complete foot care service.


We have selected your favourite comfort brands such as Rieker, Joseph Seibel, FitFlop™, Vionic and Strive to name a few. These brands are complemented by our own range of Shuropody Footwear which has been designed by our team of experts to promote healthy feet and comfort throughout the year.

Foot Clinics

In each of our Foot Clinics you will find a Footcare Advisor or FCA. We have over 300 Footcare Advisors who support the Podiatry Clinic-Service we offer, these FCA's are invaluable in offering advice and support to our patients in selecting the right footwear.